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Marie Chain - The Lies

ArchivPosted by Admin Fri, November 24, 2017 02:40:02

Here it is "The Lies" !!

Recorded 1 year ago in collaboration with Sublime Recording Studio & The Famous Gold Watch - AudioVisual Studios

It has been quite a journey and I´m happy to show you this epic video now, enjoy!

Thank you for your support Ronald Matthes & Sarah Wiedingfor making this video possible!

Thank you Charles Reeves for the audio recording and beautiful production, once again! ;-)

Thank you Cameron Laing and Jaime OrJames for your beautiful studio, english humor and video recording assistance!

Thank you Chawa Lilith for the wonderful backing vocals ;-)

Thank you to my band Tim Lehnert, Gonzalo Piñán & Vladimir Spiridonov for being not only handsome but talented too :-*


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